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Security Guards (Mobile, Static & Close Quarter)

JSMU Security provides professional Security Guards for both Static and Mobile (Patrol and Close Quarter) including joined forces with the Police. Guard Services are involving well trained Security Officers to operate and manage access control, to conduct patrols and escorts protecting against potential threats, and to act as a visible deterrent.

JSMU Security Officers may be deployed in any kind of environments which are not just limited to corporate but also includes residential, industrial estates, commercial objects, mining sites, farms, onshore and offshore platforms, individual group of people/person, public transports and specific events. Other than Security Officers, K9 force maybe deployed instead to detect explosive material, weapons and drugs as well as to catch and to trace thieves. The K9 force strengthened by range of dedicated and multi purpose type of dogs.

Retail Security Officers are also available to reduce stock loss, to give honest shoppers additional confidence and assistance as visual deterrent and practical response time to the ever growing threat of shoplifters and thieves that plague the retail environment.


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